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@@ -29,18 +29,15 @@ This developement is known to work on Racket v7.5 with packages:
Build it with `raco make main.rkt` and run `racket main.rkt`.
Or: build native with `raco exe main.rkt`.


- Support for the user list. Specifically:
+ Handle WHO better
+ Handle nickname changes (via the /nick command)
TODO: so far we only handle nickname changes *incoming* from movie night
- Better handling of error messages. E.g. in case of an invalid
nickname, return the ERR_ and kill the connection to the client
- Handle /me actions
- Unfuck the HTML -- this is somewhat working, see unheck-html.rkt
- TESTS!!11

# Known issues

- Nick change is not implemented in the ircd
- Nick collisions are handled weirdly: the ircd will send you a notice
but won't change your nickname.
- /me actions are not handeled
- Bans from the MovieNight chat are not handled
- HTML is not entierly unfucked, although this is somewhat working;
see unheck-html.rkt.

# Reading